製品コード: LV010-CP

  • 素材:

    - The top is made from compact, stone grain, thickness 12mm, solid color. It can be highest moisture resistant, heat resistant, high durable. The edge is painted with same color as the top to make homogenous color.
    - The body of cabinet made from moisturing resistant MDF, Glue E1, covered with black core Laminate of Japan Aica. It can be anti-scratch, impact resistant, waterproof, heat resistant...
    - Optional colors: 3817, 3820, 3001
    - Silver-plated mirror, thicknees 5mm
    - Bar is steel with powder coating, size 170mmx80mmx4mm and 155mmx390mmx4mm

  • サイズ:

    Dimension: 1000mmx590mmx1867mm

  • 白い - ジャガー家具生産工場