Dining table

製品コード: BA002-SD4

  • 素材:

    - The table top is made from Plywood, Glue E1, covered with mirror-glossy anti-scratch Laminate that is anti-glare, good for eyes of the users. This product is suitable for luxury design. It is waterproof, highest moisture resistant, impact resistant, heat resistant, color retention and anti-bacteria.
    - The edge is 45 degree beveled, surface treatment and varnishing that is safety for the users.
    - Optional colors: AS-14144 KM, AS-14038KM
    - The cross leg is steel, size 510mmx1035mmx1.2mm, powder coating with matte black color.
    - The bottom leg is steel, size 800mmx400mmx10mm, powder coating with matte black color.
    - The colors of leg: matte black, grey, dark grey...

  • サイズ:

    Dimension: 1800mmx800mmx750mm

  • ストーングレーカラー - ジャガー家具生産工場