Outdoor table

製品コード: BNT006-SNCPN

  • 素材:

    - The top is made from UV-resistant compact that used for ourdoor furniture, thickness 12mm. There is UV protective film on the surface so it is not deformed and color retention in weather conditions. It also has waterproof, highest moisture resistant, impact resistant, insulating, heat resistant and high durable.
    - Optional colors: 1895-3, B76026-3, B76008ES...
    - The leg is steel ϴ 10 with powder coating, birght grey
    - The colors of leg: brown, black, grey, white...

  • サイズ:

    - Dimension: 1200mmx700mmx750mm

  • ストーングレーカラー - ジャガー家具生産工場