Jager's inspired world comes from high-quality materials.

Special raw materials require high manufacturing technology, imported directly from G7 countries, using basiclly E1 wooden standard or higher to ensure low levels of Formaldehyde emissions without impact to users health.

These include typical products such as: J-handle made of PP film or laminate cover, Large-sized plank (1800x3600mm), Compact sheet material, fire-proof Cerarl sheet, Laminated-shaped chair with shaped profile.

Understanding the problem of reducing time and resources while ensuring the quality of the product, IMOS was born to increase the ability to perfect the quality, the ratio of 1: 1 compared to the design.

Manage project progress in 4.0 – Jager style.

JAGER is based on advanced design software platform, modern ERP management system, changing interior procurement behavior by creating a transparent, easy-to-control process, freeing people from nostalgia. suspected when buying.

At the same time, automation technology will eliminate intermediaries that cause waste and errors that may arise. All customer requests after being transferred to the sales department will be digitized and uploaded to the software using cloud computing. From here, all the process of importing materials, making designs, technical drawings and manufacturing construction will be done automatically.

Since then, Jager created a process to manage project progress remotely, cutting most of the costs incurred as well as ensuring project progress correctly.

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